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The love story

Erik and Tara’s romance began in the fall of 2001 with a long-contemplated invitation to the Seattle Prep Homecoming. Captivated by his future fiancée early in the year, in the lead up to the dance Erik enlisted Tara’s twin sister to help him pop the question. However, unbeknownst to Erik at the time, Tara had in fact taken notice of her handsome and laconic classmate quite some time ago, as well. So, on a sunny September afternoon when Tara found Erik amid a circle of sweaty football players on one knee with a long-stemmed rose in his hand, she excitedly agreed to accompany her future fiancé to the dance, and the pair’s courtship began right away.

After three years of cheering each other on at Prep—Tara for Erik on the football field, and Erik for Tara at her lacrosse games—the couple traveled across the country together to continue their education in Boston. While pursuing their degrees—Tara at Northeastern, Erik at Harvard—they explored the East Coast and fell more deeply in love. Shortly after graduating, Tara moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in television, and Erik moved to New York to work for Morgan Stanley.

Following two years of cross-country romance, Erik decided enough was enough and headed west to start a new job with Morgan Stanley in Los Angeles. After settling in together in sunny Marina del Rey, Erik began to formalize his plans to ask Tara to marry him. The first step, he knew, would be asking for Tara’s father Tom’s blessing, and on the 17th hole of La Tranquila in Sayulita, Mexico, Erik did just that. After a heartfelt discussion about Erik’s intentions for his daughter, Tom happily gave Erik his blessing over a handshake and shared cigars.

With everyone in both families now in the loop—except for Tara, of course—Erik set out to plan the details of his fairytale proposal, which took place in Seattle on June 23, 2012. After a lovely surprise dinner that included a white limousine, a goldfish, pink rose petals, and one perfectly executed speech, Tara joyously accepted Erik’s proposal, and the newly betrothed couple and both of their families celebrated the engagement at the Lawler family home in Yarrow Point.

Tara and Erik’s road to the altar has been a long and fruitful one, with the couple passing through Seattle, Boston, New York, and Los Angeles together as they journeyed from high school sweethearts anxiously awaiting Homecoming to an affianced couple eagerly awaiting marriage. They couldn’t be happier to be heading back to Seattle to exchange their vows on what will hopefully be another sunny September afternoon. Tara and Erik are so thankful to have the opportunity to open this new chapter in their lives with such a wonderful group of family and friends, and look forward to seeing everyone on September 7, 2013!

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